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Fintech Insurance

Finally, an insurance product is designed exclusively for those in Digital and Mobile Banking, Money Transfers / Online Payments / Investment Platforms & Digital Lenders.
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InsureCert is a specialist provider of financial insurance products.

FinTech Insurance?

Yes. FinTechs have unique risks that are generally not covered using old manuscripts. Your London or domestic carries may be using wordings that have not kept up with modern digital e-commerce, banking, and investment platforms.

Financial technology companies are taking advantage of a new policy that goes further to delivering first-party, cyber, and IP cover.

The rise of fintech, changing consumer behavior, and advanced technologies are creating gaps in coverage that risk managers may not be aware of.

InsureCert fills this gap with a new policy designed for FinTech companies. Our wordings are more comprehensive and include coverages that traditional policies will not. Want to know more?  Contact us

Your Fintech insurance questions, answered.

How much does Fintech insurance cost?
It’s difficult to say exactly what your FinTech policy will cost. Because insurance is such a customized product, your costs will depend on the business operations and the insurance company you choose to work with. Furthermore, the average cost of Fintech insurance in your area probably wouldn’t be an indicator of what you’ll pay since rates will vary based on the revenue of your business. While FinTech Insurance is specialized, if you are a startup, the minimum premium might typically cost CAD$2500 / year. One of the fastest ways to get a Fintech insurance estimate is to reach out and we will deliver a quote from a leading insurance provider in your area.
Which perils are specific to Fintech?

Broad Professional Liability Clause & Coverage for Financial Services as well as liability arising from:

Technology Services
Sub-Contractor Liability
Intellectual Property
Loss of Documents
Dishonesty of Employees

What does Fintech insurance cover?

Packaged Insurance Product means start-ups and small business can have their insurance needs met with options to add:

Management Liability
First Party Crime
P&C Cover

What types of business won’t FinTch Insurance cover?

Crypto exposed risks

Short term consumer lending

Retail trading platforms


What kind of businesses will FinTech insurance cover?

Digital and mobile banking services

Money transfer / paymentservices

Investment Platforms

Digital Lending

Why Do I Need Fintech Insurance?

Technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional methods in the delivery of financial services have a risk of regulatory changes and internal digital vulnerabilities . Domestic E&O and Interruption policies will typically not respond when your FinTech's loss is a result of 'data'.

Direct from Lloyd's of London, this specialized policy is available to North American FinTechs. InsureCert has access to this specialized product and can streamline your application, rating, premium financing and certification process all online. Get Started

Amount invested in Fintech in 2019 US$50B
Number of Fintechs in USA in 2019 8,775
Number of Americans using digital banking by 2022 65%
Share of personal loans by FinTech companies 38%

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Payment Options

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Monthly Withdrawals

Paying your insurance each month may be a more affordable option for you. We’ll divide your premium equally (plus an administration fee) over your 12-month term and automatically withdraw payment from your bank account every month.

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Full Payment

Pay your entire insurance premium upfront so you don’t have to think about it until renewal. For new policies, full payment is due before the policy effective date. For policy renewals, full payment is due one business day before the renewal date.

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