Join us and help modernize an industry hungry for change.

From the smallest house to the tallest skyscraper to your local cafe, every venture starts with insurance.

It’s something that’s absolutely fundamental to our economy. With over $500 billion spent annually on premiums for commercial clients alone, this fragmented market represents an enormous opportunity.

At InsureCert, we’re taking on the massive challenge of modernizing this industry, improving the lives of employees and clients alike. As a brokerage, we sit between our clients and the insurance markets–comprised of hundreds of specialized carriers. This privileged position allows us to address a range of pain points throughout a complicated set of transactions.

Our unique approach recognizes both the vast potential of technology and the fundamental role of insurance experts and service providers. While we’re a technology-driven company, we believe that people matter most. Our mission is to define the future of the insurance industry, and as the fastest-growing brokerage in the country, we’re making significant progress.

Join us and help shape the future of work.

What do we have to offer?

A True Digital Agency

We represent a unique and engaging business model that helps you reach more customers faster. Have a greater impact and grow your book quicker than ever before.

Collaborative spirit

We are supporting and caring, which means our teams work together daily to solve problems across a wide variety of risks.

Real value, real impact

Insurance offers you the opportunity to pursue your goals and dreams while helping protect people. On a macro-level, we help individuals succeed.

Huge opportunity

Insurance premiums represent over $32 billion of annual spend by Canadians. We’re helping you target this enormous market.

Work with top talent

We’re thoughtful and selective in our hiring. We believe that every candidate who receives an offer should raise the bar for our entire team.

The InsureCert Advantage

Our cloud based policy platform lets you reach new customers and streamline your sales funnel with ease. Create real solutions your customers will love.

You'll get Ratings engine delivering accurate, bindable quotes that you can use to sell policies to clients. We combine technology with expert advice to deliver outstanding ROI.

Streamline quotes

Quickly get quotes from major carriers.

Automated certificate generation

Support all types of programs with customized websites and ratings

Office Perks

We support you with real peer support, professional help, and tools that will grow your book of business

Reach new heights

We can offer you an accelerated sales path and a faster way to reach your goals.

Current openings

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Vancouver Office: 

Insurance CSR - level 1

Insurance Producer - level 2

Front-end developer - (Angular / React) 


Insurance Producer - level 2

Insurance Broker (branch manager) - level 3

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