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Modern Cannabis Insurance in BC

Find your perfect coverage in BC for your cannabis business with InsureCert.
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Average Cannabis Insurance cost in BC $200/month
Number of Cannabis Stores in BC: 292
Number of total Cannabis Retailers in BC 292
Estimated number of grow-ops in BC 20,000

How we find you the best Cannabis Insurance for Business Owners in BC

Cannabis Insurace for Business Owners is a type of insurance that covers Property loss and damage excluding inventory or the consumable products you sell. Cannabis Insurace also provides liability coverage against accidents that occur in or on leased space. Cannabis Insurace for Business Owners will usually be mandatory by the properter owner in Canada. You’ll be hard pressed to lease a space without it. That’s why finding the right Cannabis Insurace in BC is so important.

With, you can compare Cannabis Insurace quotes from BC top carriers in just a few minutes. All you have to do is select your preferred quote, and an BC Cannabis Insurace provider will be in touch to help you secure it. Not ready to fill out a form? No problem. We answer some of the biggest questions you may have below.

Your BC Cannabis Insurance Questions, Answered.

What perils are specific to Cannabis Retailers ?

Our Cannabis Insurance for Business Owners in BC protects you from the same perils as other retailers, except for your inventory or stock. Because of a perceived high risk of theft by underwiters, Insurers are not lining up to insure the products you sell.

If your landlord requires you to carry insurance, they want you to buy a 3rd Party Liability Policy. This Liability policy pays for your negligence if you cause bodily injury or property damage to someone else. Insurers will provide you this protection but not stemming from the use of the cosumable products you sell.

For this reason, Cannabis Insurance for retailers is essentially stripped down of all 'Products' liability, but would continue to protect you as a business owner for all other typical 3rd party risks.

Property or 'Office Contents' insures your stuff like computers, desks, furnishings etc. You want to declare a Property Limit in CAD$ to insure all your belongings but do not include your products. Insurers in Canada will not insure the consumable products you sell.

A Liability Policy does not insure anything you own, borrow or rent, so make sure you are buying two policies when configuring your order. Liability & Property = Total Protection.

What does Cannabis Insurance cover in BC ?
Generally speaking, Cannabis Insurance in BC can cover you using multiple polices: Buildings/Property: Repairs to structural damage caused by certain types of perils. A building or structure's contents (but not inventory), including desks and electronics but not data. Liability: which protects the business owner from lawsuits as a result of bodily injuries caused by any director, officer or employee. Directors & Officers: Protects directors and management from wrong doings to or by their employees. Generally speaking, building insurance coverage for Cannabis in BC will include the following risks:
  • Fire.
  • Lightning.
  • Smoke damage (excluding fireplaces).Theft.
  • Wind and hail.
  • Electrical current.
  • Explosion.
  • Vandalism.
  • Water damage.
  • Broken windows.Wind and hail.
  • Falling objects (unless propelled by a landslide, avalanche, or earthquake)
What risks won’t Cannabis Insurance cover in BC ?
Most Cannabis Insurance for Business providers in BC won’t cover two kinds of risks: uninsurable perils and products coverage:

Uninsurable perils are predictable events that aren’t covered by insurance. That’s because the odds are high for a payout. An example of perils that may not be covered is theft of your products. Other things home insurance won’t cover include natural wear and tear and government actions.

Products coverage is not available. Insurers will not protect the business owner from the sale, use or consumption of any Cannabis related product.

What kind of Cannabis Insurance do I need in BC ?

Standard Cannabis Insurance for Business Owners in BC comes in four different forms: Property, Products, 3rd Party Liability & Worker's Compensation.

Property - This type of insurance covers the building and contents from all insurable perils.

Products - This policy insures your business for damage claims caused by the products you sell.

3rd Party Liabilty - A broad policy insures your business for all 3rd party property and bodily injury claims made against you or one of your employees, caused by your direct physical negligence not relating to the use or consumption of a product.

Worker's Compensation In Canada most provinces have government required insurance programs designed to protect your employees against on the job injuries. As a business owner you must understand and regsiter your employees with your provincial government.

What can you do to save on Cannabis Insurance in BC ?

Living in a major city can be expensive, but finding cheap Cannabis Insurance in BC is possible and can help you cut costs. If you’re looking to lower the cost of your premium on your BC Cannabis Insurance for Business, you can:

  • Bundle insurance policies like work, home and auto.
  • Use hold harmless agreements to legally seperate yourself from any supply chain or foreign operating companies.
  • Offer to pay a higher deductible.
  • Upgrade your security: install cameras and monitored alarms.
  • Invest in a good security system.

Try to avoid operating in areas that are known to be prone to floods, fires, or earthquakes. Finding affordable Cannabis Insurance in BC doesn’t have to be a struggle. Whatever your method of getting the best rate, comparison shop before you buy so you can compare current Cannabis Insurance rates from BC providers.

Most places will ask you a series of questions about your business before giving an estimate. You’ll be asked your address, the size and detail of your operations, list of all your products and services you sell. All this will ensure you get the correct rate and the appropriate amount of coverage.

What are the best Cannabis Insurance companies in BC ?

There is no single answer to this question. There’s no one insurance provider that provides the best Cannabis Insurance rates to all BC customers because everyone’s Cannabis Insurance Business needs are different. The right company is the one that offers you the best rate for the type of coverage you need.

Not all insurance companies will be right for you. Here are several things to keep in mind when you’re choosing an insurer in BC :

  • Do they belong to a reputable association such as the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada?
  • Are they licensed?
  • Is the company in good standing? You can check review sites.
  • Can they provide references from current and previous clients?
  • How long have they been in business?

Ease of contact with your agent and company after you’ve purchased your Cannabis Insurance for Business policy. Finding an BC Cannabis Insurance quote online can be the fastest way to get in touch with the right provider that suits your needs.

What if I need condo or house insurance in BC too?
You’re in luck! we offer insurance for renters and home / condo owners. If you’re on the market for either of these policies, you can actually fill out the Home or Tenants Insurance forms linked through the main menu above and select the Home Owners or Tenants option. If you’re looking for more information about either of these products, feel free to book a free consultation:

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